Wag54g V2 Technical issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by FormidableOne, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hello , thankgod i found this website...

    here's my problem which i oh so hope you guys can help fix.

    I was gaming as usuall , and suddenly my net went byebye , so i went to check on the router as usuall to see if something was wrong , and i noticed that the DSL light was reconnecting , so i thought probably a D/C on my ISP side , so lada-di-dada , i went back to my pc expecting the dsl to be back , i went to the SETUP page of the router to see if i can connect and it did , so im trying to open me browser , but nothing loads..so i go back to the dsl and i find that my DSL light (after being stable and connected) reflickers and the internet goes on as well , And while the internet is on , the dsl reflickers and then both of the lights go down...and keeps going on and on..

    so i called my isp just to make sure the Line wasnt cut or that it wasnt from thier side , and it wasnt , and i have my USB modem as a back up..and im here writing this to you , which shows its not from my line..

    I tried looking for a upgrade for the firmware ,but mine is newer than the one listed in the website ~_~...

    Please lead me to some firmware upgrades to see if it was from that or not , or give me a solution to my delima , anything is more than appreciated..

    PS:I noticed whenever i open firefox after this happend , my computer gets a BSOD (blue screen-0-death)...which is Quite Odd...

    Thanks everyone!
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