WAG54G v2 & Windows Media Connect Problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Stoke192, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Stoke192

    Stoke192 Guest


    I'm trying to connect my xbox 360 my pc using windows media connect with out much sucess.
    The pc is running XP home SP2 and the 360 connects to live over my network without any probs as does the pc to the internet.
    I'm also using a modded xbox with XBMC installed to stream mp3's from my pc over the same network and this works flawlesly.

    Are there any know issues or probs or has anybody managed to connect there 360 and pc out there who could point me in the right direction.

    Any help much appreciated

  2. gamehendge2000

    gamehendge2000 Network Guru Member

    exact same problem

    I am having similar problems...

    I have the wga54g game adapter... When I plug a laptop into the wga54g, I connect to the network just fine, get full internet acces..

    When I plug in the xbox 360, it sees the wireless bridge, but can't connect to the network or get an IP....

    i am about to hang myself
  3. gamehendge2000

    gamehendge2000 Network Guru Member

    one more thing

    also worth noting that I can connect just fine to xbox live, just not to windows media connect...
  4. kev26

    kev26 Network Guru Member

    Ya, I'm having the same issue. I can connect to Xbox Live fine but not to WMC.
    I have the following setup:
    PC --> wrt54g --> xbox360 wireless adaptor

    I've read on the xbox forums that there is a known issue with the UPnP and the way the wrt54g translates it between wired and wireless networking. Sorry I don't have the link handy but have a look at the Xbox 360 Media Connectivity forum for tones of info on this.
    Guess we have to hurry up and wait for a patch from Linksys.
  5. kev26

    kev26 Network Guru Member

    I went back and found the thread on xbox forums with good technical details about this issue.
    Read all about it here.

    Anyone know of any fix for this yet?
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