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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by prince_turhan, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. prince_turhan

    prince_turhan Network Guru Member

    Hi there,

    I'm in the UK and I successfully set up my Linksys WAG54G ver2 wirelessly connecting to my desktop PC (with Linksys WUSB54G network adapter) running Windows XP (Home service pack 2) using the suggested WEP security. I have ZoneAlarm (ver6) and use the modem-routers firewall. I read about a better security system called WPA-PSK which my modem-router and adapter can offer. I connected WAG54G to PC using ethernet cable (I read that this was the best way to set up the device ?) and amended the settings - thereafter altering the adapter settings also. Nothing worked! I was unable to connect to the internet. So I reset everything and have gone back to using WEP. Everything works fine.

    I am very much a newcomer to wireless networking. Any suggestions to what I did wrong - I believe WPA-PSK is more secure and would prefer that setup.
    Many thanks.
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    WPA is much more secure that WEP. (Which can be cracked in under 30 minutes.) I've never worked with the WAG54G so don't know its quirk's but in my experience most security configuration problems are simply a matter of entering the wrong passphrase. I realize this isn't a very helpful tip but I'd suggest setting it up again with a very simple password such as 123 to begin with. Once you've got it working change the passphrase.

    Good luck.
  3. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    WPA is much secure.

    check if your card is WPA ready, since you 'd to use a 3rd party software like funk odyssey client to be able to use WPA on your pc.
  4. prince_turhan

    prince_turhan Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the replies so far guyz. Something for me to be getting on with.
  5. Fart

    Fart Network Guru Member

    And do you know (or do you want to know) how to get a good key for 24-bit WEP?
    The most vulnerable item for decryption is the key. These 30 minutes go from so called total enumeration of possibilities, when hacker tries to find an easy key. If the key stochastic and equiprobable, hacker needs a lot of days to decrypt your transmission, that is obvious to him and he gives up his attempts.
  6. prince_turhan

    prince_turhan Network Guru Member

    "And do you know (or do you want to know) how to get a good key for 24-bit WEP? "

    Yes please, and thanks for the reply.
  7. Fart

    Fart Network Guru Member

    Sorry, I'm late.
    1. Choose any archive file, maybe .zip
    2. Open archive by any lister (for WinXP, for example) and open Options -> 3 (Hex). You should see in the middle of the window a lot of Hex strings, for example, BB 46 EC BF etc.
    3. Copy to file or put down to paper any 26 symbols.
    4. Set Key Length to 128 bits (26 digits) and Key Format to Hexadecimal digits.
    5. Choose Automatic Generation (in WiFi soft) and enter 26 digits in corresponding Password (or "Passphrase for keys" in WAG) string. This will help to scramble key sequence more. Choose default key (1-4 to your choice). Press Generate (in WAG).
    6. This settings must be the same either in WAG54 and in your wireless station. WAG stores the keys well, but some drivers for some WiFi cards can loose keys after some errors. I had this problem (Asus) earlier. Just enter pass again if nessesary.
    7. Prepare some spare keys for future. Don't save keys on HDD, only print them. Choose new default key every week, and enter new Password every month.
    8. NEVER USE SINGLE KEY AND PASSWORD TWICE!!! Just delete used pass from your list. You may try different files to copy hex strings and then use shredder program to delete archive.
    That's paranoiac method, but you may feel yourself as a secret service man in 1941 during WWII. :) The methods are very similar.
    German Enigma was easier, British Ultra was the best. :)
  8. DavidC

    DavidC Network Guru Member

  9. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    WEP is unsecure at any key length even when totally random. If security is important to you, avoid WEP at all costs and use WPA instead.
  10. prince_turhan

    prince_turhan Network Guru Member

    Thanks for all the help guys. I've managed to set up WPA security now - so all is now secure (hopefully!).
    Thanks again.
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