WAG54G, VPN's and firmware (so whats new huh?)

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by lozngra, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Am i being a bit blonde here??? I have 3 WAG54G's (two v2's and one v1.2) in 3 seperate locations, one main site and two satellite sites. The satellite sites both (supposedly) connect to the main site v2 router via VPN. The v1.2 router is stable (honestly!) and loaded with firmware 1.02.7.

    OK here's the scenario:

    With v2's loaded with firmware 1.00.19, the other V2 router will sometimes sustain a VPN session but generally drops out and requires the router at the main site to be rebooted. The v1.2 router VPN session is fine!

    With v2's loaded with firmware 1.00.47, none of the VPN connections will even connect!

    With v2's loaded with firmware 1.00.55, all connections connect perfectly, just wont pass any traffic at all!

    With v2's loaded with 1.01.01, it gets even stranger. The router will only function following reboot if both the VPN connections are set to disabled. However, if more than one of the VPN sessions are enabled at the same time, the router crashes. Both VPN sessions work perfectly and will sustain connection, but only if the other one is disabled!!!!

    All the routers are pretty standard setups. Firewall enabled, wireless enabled (and remarkably stable), upnp disabled, 4 ports being passed through at main site, all have static IP's and are even same ISP...

    ...and here are my questions?

    Has anyone got VPN funtctional and stable between 2 v2's?
    If you did, did you do anything out of the ordinary?
    Does VPN rely on a synchronised time\date between the two routers?

    Any advice, tips, abuse much appreciated :)



    I've moved the v1.2 to the central location, and used the v2's on the satellite sites. VPN now works, but i've got the old issue of port forwarding deciding to work or not work on the throw of a dice!!!! Any suggestions as to which v1.2 firmware is the most stable? Currently 1.02.7..... 8O
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