WAG54G Wireless Connection drop - problem solved?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Ratbert, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Ratbert

    Ratbert Guest

    I have a WAG54G for 4 weeks now.
    The first 3 weeks I have been connected and downloading non-stop, the WAG54G was running great using a wire to my PC. All very stable. Also, during the entire time, I occasionally used the wireless connection with a laptop and a linksys WPC54G pcmcia card. This worked as well.

    After three weeks, I replaced the last wired connection and went full wireless using a WET54GS5 (wireless bridge) connected to my main PC.

    From that point onwards, the wireless connection now dies each time when there is lots of network traffic from the WET54GS5 to the WAG54G. The wireless connection keeps dropping within the hour (sometimes minutes) until it dies. A reboot of the WAG54G is required each time to get the wireless connection up again. The client pc's do not need a reset, they instantly reconnect wireless when the WAG54G comes up. So the problem must be with the WAG54G (not the clients)

    All connected devices report 100% signal strenght and 100% quality. No problems there.

    I tried cooling the WAG54G with fans but the connection dropped anyway even when the device was cold. I tried different channels, and relocating wireless phones and various wireless settings but the problem persisted. Repositioning (aming) the antenna's did not help either.

    Then someone on this forum mentioned: "The rate goes down from 54Mbps to 48Mbps to ... until 1Mbps..." until it dies. So what if we do not allow this to happen by setting the Control TX Rate to 54Mbps fixed ?

    Setting the TX control rate to a fixed value of 54Mbps (instead of AUTO) is a possible solution to the wireless connection drops, because it prevents the WAG54G from downscaling to a lower transmission rate until it eventally goes below 1MBps and dies.

    For me, after a full week of wireless hell, the problem was solved. I am now running more than 30 hours of heavy duty wireless network traffic without any problems, at full wireless speeds.

    In my opinion, I experienced the following problem:
    Even at 100% signal strenght and 100% quality, the occasional interference would cause the TX rate to drop automatically, further and further until it eventually dies. By setting the TX rate to a fixed 54Mbps, the rate will not (can not?) drop until it dies.

    To obtain a stable wireless connection, I did not have to change much in the settings: Control TX Rate= 54 Mbps (I changed the speed to a fixed 54Mbps in the configuration of all my wirless devices to ensure that none of the connected devices would try to negotiate a lower speed)


    And I also changed the Wireless network mode to a fixed setting of: 802.11g, because I wanted to make sure all devices would be using the g standard.


    So, after a week of wireless connection drops, the problem finally went away by setting the TX rate to a fixed 54Mbps and the network mode to 802.11g (instead of using the default 'AUTO' values)

    Setup details:
    WAG54G, firmware 1.01.6
    Wireless Channel=10
    Encryption 128bit wep key
    Wireless network mode = 802.11g
    Control TX Rate = 54Mbps (set for all devices, instead of using the AUTO feature)

    Apart from changing the Control TX rate and the Wireless network mode, no changes in the wireless setup were required and also no update of firmware.

    As there are other forum members who also experience frequent wireless connection drops during heavy wirelss traffic, can someone verify this possible solution?

    I my case, it worked.

  2. dacootmeister

    dacootmeister Network Guru Member

    I agree that forcing this setting into the WAG´s config should make a difference, but the fallback functionality is not for nothing.

    In case interference by walls/whatever is causing the WAG to fallback, forcing the 54M setting can make the device disconnect more than before.
    Nevertheless I´m going to try your solution at home since I got wireless disconnects at high load, even hanging the WAG.

    Edit: tried your approach, but unfortunately did not resolve my disconnects/hangs during high loads... goiing to try the oldest firmware on the block v1.21
  3. baillie

    baillie Network Guru Member

    Nice to see some people can get it working fully, mine will work but only because I have a fan cooling the thing, which really isn't the best solution.

    Would try your settings, but as I'm running a mixed network I can't set it to a fixed mode, might try setting it to be fixed at 802.11b though later.
  4. Team-Suzuki

    Team-Suzuki Network Guru Member


    Sounds tempting to try, but my laptop has a built-in wireless so I not sure if I can change it to a fixed 54Mbps Control TX Rate.

    Would this make to much of a difference?
  5. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    So for I. Since I use a fix value for TX rate, the WAG seems to be muc more stable
  6. HaJe

    HaJe Network Guru Member

    you're right! I've got a WAG54G and two WMP54G v2... I set all the hardware on 36mbps (802.11g) and I send about 3 GB without a drop! I can't use 54mbps because its out of range.

    thank you for your hint..!
  7. jstegmann

    jstegmann Network Guru Member

    Brilliant! :-D

    Had a similar problem with the WAG54G v.2 (although judging from the threads in this forum not as severe as many people are experiencing with the previous versions). The v2. would, however, drop speed to as low as 24MBits for no apparent reason.

    Now I've set the speed statically to 48Mbps (to allow for a little variation in the signal strength) and I've maintained mixed mode. That means that the the mode switches to B and 11Mbps whenever the signal strength drops below whats needed to maintain 48Mbps.

    Everything seems to be working just fine now - thanks!

    EDIT: After several hours of enthusiastic wireless networking, the Linksys decided to cut to 11Mbps. It makes perfect sense, though, since I'm sitting at least 6 feet from the router with absolutely nothing to block the transmission... :roll:

  8. njseq

    njseq Network Guru Member

    Faulty WAG54G or Firmware Problems?

    I've a WAG54G for 2 weeks, and I had firmware 1.02.9.
    I had my router very near of my labtop (3 meters) in open space, so, the signal was excelent and speed always 54Mbps.
    I decided to move my router to another room, put it behind a mapple in the floor and I experienced connection fallbacks, signal variations from low to excelent to nothing.
    I decided to work very near the router, but it didn't work. It seams that the near location is not an option. I decided to use the firmware 1.3.0.beta4 and it was a little better. I still have signal and speed variation but never dropped connection (so far).

    I read a couple msgs from you guys and I wonder if this can be a firmware issue or if it's a faulty router??



  9. njseq

    njseq Network Guru Member

    The beta4 firmware also doesn't work... too bad.

    Nor any of your recommendations.

    Any suggestion?


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