WAG54G with IP Address allocation problems for PSP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DBS_1, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. DBS_1

    DBS_1 Guest

    Hi All,

    Got a WAG54G v1 running the latest WAG54G_AnnexA_ETSI_v1.02.7_03 firmware. Problem I have is connecting my PSP (and also occassionally other laptops) to the router.
    The PSP gets connection acknowledgement (it's not a WEP/security key problem or a MAC address denial) , and it has occasionally (twice, I think) managed to get an IP address allocated before it timed out.

    However, on most occasions, the 25 second timer on the PSP allocated to receive the IP address expires before my WAG54G allocates it a valid IP address. Any ideas on how to fix this or tweak the settings on the WAG54G to improve how quickly the IP address is allocated by the router ? (BTW - this is not a PSP problem, I get the same problem with my laptop & it is often minutes before it gets a valid IP address from the router. It's just worst on the PSP since the PSP is non-configurable).

    Could this also have something to do with the Client Lease time setting ?


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