WAG54G WLAN extension with WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mysty, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. mysty

    mysty Network Guru Member

    I'm trying to extend the range of my shed/office WLAN by adding a WRT54G
    in the house, as my wife's powerbook just won't keep a reliable connection
    to the WAG54G, unlike my work dell. Seemed cheaper than heartsurgery on
    the mac..

    So the idea is

    WAN (DSL) <-> WAG54G v2 <--WLAN--> WRT54G v1.1 <--WLAN--> Powerbook

    I have flashed the respective firmware up to
    WAG54GV2 AnnexA ETSI v1.01.22
    WRT54G v4.20.8 HyperWRT v2.1 Tofu 6.2

    Simple, I thought. By now I've scratched a big hole in my head, and am making
    no progress, having tried a whole bunch of things. I've been trolling over
    these boards, paying particular attention to

    I've used the same/different channels, same/different SSID, a static route (attempt),
    setting 'wl lazywds 0' and the 'wl wds <wag54g MAC>' as a startup script
    item in the WRTG54G.

    Clearly I am confused by Infrastructure mode AP, Client mode, Repeater mode ...
    any guidance would be vastly appreciated.

    If the above can't be done.. and I need to have a wire between the WAG54g and WRT54g, does the latter
    need to be set up as a Router with a static route? As a gateway? With DHCP and
    FW off I guess.. but on a different subnet?

    I've tried and cant ping through a wired scenario from a network
    through to the from a wired laptop on the WRTG54G.. although I could ping from the WRT54G
    diagnostics.. wierd.

    A lot of questions I know - thanks in advance for any pointers you may know of :)
  2. mysty

    mysty Network Guru Member

    I think the answer to this is that I need to wire the WRT54Gv1.2 to the WAG54Gv2, as the latter has no WDS.

    Does the WRT54Gv1.2 need to be in Router or gateway mode.

    Also, should the WRT WAN be on a different subnet?

    I would prefer the WAG to be the WAN modem and FW, and the WRT to be the access point and DHCP server, with it all on the same subnet.

    Does that seem possible? i.e. without the use of the WRT WAN port?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on how to do this - as I really need to boost my range :eek:
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