WAG54G + WRT54G with WDS... lowid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ZaK, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. ZaK

    ZaK Network Guru Member

    Today I has configure my WAG54G and my WRT54G with WDS, all ok!, but, the computer connected to de WRT has lowid with edonkey linux version.

    My LAN:

    WAG54G - My computer wired + My dad's computer wifi
    WRT54G - Edonkey's computer wired, in the 1rst floor, WAG and others are in 3th floor.

    WAG54G has activated firewall setting, but, if don't connect the firewall, edonkey has lowid again.. the problem is the WDS. Has anyone a idea to solve this problem?? The ports are redirected correctly, all the lan works perfect, the problem is the edonkey in the computer connected at the WRT54G router, that it have the ports configured correct.

    The edonkey's computer are in DMZ in the 2 routers.. I haven't any good idea to solve tis problem!!! :'(

    Excusme for my english xDDD I'm spaniard and my english is very poor...

    Before I has configured the WDS, the edonkey's computer has been connected to router ADSL for months and run very fast.. now it runs fast as a turttle..

  2. ZaK

    ZaK Network Guru Member

    Make more test edonkey without firewall in the wag router doesn't have lowid, it run fast, but if turn on the firewall in the router lowid return again... :'(

    Help please!! :'(

    I would like to use the firewall of the router, because it was good for me for many months and I wouldn't change to a soft firewall..

    Has anyone an idea for this problem??
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