Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by job, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Hi ppl :)

    Have a question for any pros here with wds.

    Have a WAG54G connected to inet & brother downstairs has WRT54G setup with Satori firmware & wds.

    Connections work fine, he can connect & surf away no probs.

    The bit that concerns me, like many others is the bandwith being cut in half by using wds.

    Will this affect only wireless clients connecting into the WRT54G or does it affect any wireless clients connecting to either wireless AP ???

    Basically i need my wireless connection to my router WAG54G, to be fast, don't really mind if the brothers connection to his router is slow, he won't be using network resources that much, but i will be.

    Thx in advance,

  2. Kraven

    Kraven Network Guru Member

    I have the same hardware setup, WAG54G upstairs connected to the internet and a WRT54GS downstairs with the Satori firmware.

    The WRT54GS is not configured for WDS, but for Wireless Client mode and i'm getting 1.3m/b's (12mbit) throughput, is this about the same you are getting ?

  3. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Haven't tested the throughput with any kind of throughput measuring tool, but even accessing the shares on win2k3 server upstairs is very slow.

    Tried to copy 1 mp3 ( 3.5MB ) & was reporting it was gonna take something redicilious like 4mins.

    Never mentioned before, but all pc's are assigned ip addresses by a dhcp server running on win2k3, dunno if that makes a difference or not.

    Cheers !
  4. Kraven

    Kraven Network Guru Member

    I think you are answering your own questions, try using Client mode instead of AP on the WRT54GS (you'll need Satori or Alchemy for this). That way you'll keep the available wireless bandwidth available for the WAG54G.

    As for taking 4 mins to copy 3.5mb, this sounds like a real issue, which may be resolved by not using WDS.

    One obvious question, why are you using DHCP on a W2k3 machine instead of the DHCP in the WAG54G ? You seem to be making life hard for yourself ?
  5. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Ok, have done a few tests this evening & here are the results.

    WRT connecting via WAG to internet works 100%

    Clients connecting thru WRT via WAG are assigned ip addresses by Win2k3 dhcp server, with no problems.

    However.......browsing the network on one of the clients connected thru WRT is near to impossible. Either thru wired or wireless.

    Browsing the network on a client connected via wireless thru WAG works fine, transfered a folder of 21 5mb mp3 in about 2mins.

    This is with WRT set to WDS, in access-point mode.

    WAG is also set to WDS.

    Tried setting to Client mode instead of AP, as u suggested, but could don anything then.

    So looks like the brother will be removed off the network, but will still be able to surf, just not access any network shares !

    All i need now is some way to share the bandwith evenly !!

    Any ideas appriciated :)
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