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    I have a WAG54G that drops speed then eventually signal altogether after 3-5 minutes. The two adapters I have in two different machines are both Linksys too and both new 802.11g. Have to reboot Gateway or reconfigure from HTTP. O/S are XP pro on Laptop and ME on desktop with WMP54G. Distance doesn't make any difference, right now Gateway is 2 feet from my Laptop with WPC54G. Downloaded latest firmware today and reset Gateway after download. Both adapters seem to lose the signal at the same time, so I am pointing a finger at the Gateway. ADSL is fine and never drops. Please save me from having to crawl through the loft with network cable over the weekend! Linksys support useless.

    Thoughts or Comments?
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    I'd get the thing replaced. see a few web sites with similar isses. Most people have to get the unit replaced. possibly a fault in the wireless section of the router.

    I've never had a problem with the UK support team, great guys there, friendly and efficient. Was it the dreaded Manilla support or the USA you spoke to?
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    I am the author of the problem with WAG54G dropping signal. Just posted as guest last night. I am already on my second unit. On advice of Linksys support I replaced the first one. Checked wireless phone, alarm and everything else I can think of that might cause conflict.
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    Same Problem here man! My WAG54G really pisses me off..


    Currently I am on the urge of a nervous brake down, because of my WAG54G.... :D
    David I fully sympathise with you.

    I have exactly the same problems. I am now on my 3rd unit of Linksys. I also thought that the first two units where broken. Changed my Linksys WAG54G two times now and it did not help at all.

    I have a Toshiba Laptop with an internal WIFI unit (2200 BG Intel)

    My Linksys just disconnects me after a while (could be within 5 minutes, 1 hour or 6 hours but it surely does). And only after rebooting / resetting the Linksys I get my WIFI connection back on the laptop (after which the signal / connection drops again). The connection definitely fails immediately whenever I use internet radio, MSN, Netmeeting or whenever my Laptop is picking up another WIFI signal in the neighbourhood. And again I have to reset or reboot my Linksys.

    I already did the following to minimize the problem:

    1. I turned off the WZC;
    2. I put the signal of the Linksys on channel number 1 (apparently only this channel is working for me..);
    3. I use WEP encryption and filled in the MAC address; and
    4. I put the Powersettings of my WIFI card on maximum performance.
    5. I updated the firmware of the Linksys to 1.2.03

    It did not help a bit.

    The Linksys helpdesk (here in the Netherlands) are really kind with their assistance, but they also do not know what to advice me anymore…

    Maybe one of you guys have a solution….

    I am desperate for it!

  5. blank

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    WAG54G Signal Dropping

    I have my fingers crossed when writing this, but upgrade to 1.02.3 and a hard reset seems to have done the trick. I am 2 hours into steady signal. Now all I need is to place the Gateway somewhere that my desktop gets a regular decent signal too. Will post a question on the WMP54G forum regarding antennae.

    Plenty of advice on this Forum, I'm grateful and TX

    David (Blank)
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