WAG54GS + Airport Express?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by oz3004, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I have been a fan of Linksys for a long time now,

    at the moment i'm using a WAG54GS Wireless ADSL Gateway to connect all my stuff to the Internet.

    A year ago i moved to a new place and the walls seem to be a big problem now for my wireless network. Since then i have been unable to connect my gameconsoles wirelessly, so i decided to solve the problem while adding capability to stream music from iTunes to my Hifi in the Living Room. So i bought an Airport Express from Apple.

    The Airport Express can be used in 3 ways:

    - connected to a router or modem via Ethernet cable to add a wireless network
    - connected to a wireless network to be used as a print server and to stream sound from iTunes


    - ass an expander for an existing wireless network still being able to connect to a printer and a hifi system

    that was the possibility that interested me the most. so i unpacked and began configuring... but soon became aware this was not as easy as it looked at first.

    It seems the only way to use the Airport as a range expander is to use WDS (Wireless Distribution System) which means you have to enter your router's MAC address into the Airport config and then enter the Airport's MAC address into the WDS tab in your router
    ... and there's the problem! The webinterface on my WAG54GS didn't have such a tab.

    So i started looking for firmware updates for my router which was still version 1.00.06.
    I found the newest firmware (1.01.03) and tried upgrading but failed. Trying older firmwares from their support pages didn't help either so i had to contact support and had to be given a link to the 1.00.08 firmware which had to be done first before being able to upgrade further. So i finally upgraded to 1.01.03 but i still had no WDS interface. So i contacted their support again.

    The first time their technician told me the WAG54GS was able to do WDS automatically, so i should just try configuring the Airport again and it should work. It didn't so i contacted them a third time...

    This time i had researched a little on the forums and knowing the v.1 of the WAG54G (the predecessing model of the WAG54GS) was able to do WDS, so i asked Linksys why the older model had a WDS interface and the WAG54GS didn't and how i would be able to expand my WAG54GS's wirless network with an Airport Express. They told me they would send me an e-mail with a solution within the next hour so i waited impatiently...

    then the e-mail came and said that it was impossible to use the Airport as a range extender since the WAG54GS doesn't support WDS, the only option would be to connect the Airport to the existing wirless network which would make it work as a client and not as an expander or access-point.

    Like i said i have always been a fan of Linksys, i have always admired how well their routers work and how easy everything could be set up. But this is a crucial lack, many people have to expand their networks at home because the range isn't big enough, how can they take out a feature like WDS?? I'm seriously disappointed.

    But if any of you have been able to solve that problem, if anyone found a workaround i'd really appreciate your help in this.

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