WAG54GS and VPN setup

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nealgs, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. nealgs

    nealgs Network Guru Member

    Hi All,

    Just received my RMA replacement for my knackered WAG54G v1.2 (ethernet port problem) and have come to configure the VPN tunnel I had that connected me to a remote site I manage, but there is no VPN setup section, only IPSEC passthrough etc.

    Is it not possible on the 54GS to configure multiple VPN tunnels like the WAG54G could???

    If it's not possible then i'll be contacting linksys support to send me something that provided the same functions as what i'd originally paid for on the 54G.


  2. nealgs

    nealgs Network Guru Member

    never mind folks, i've spoken to tech support and customer services - They are going to start the RMA procedure again and send me a unit that support VPN endpoints - which the WAG54GS doesn't

    Why would they remove a usable facility like endpoints from a newer model - daft is all I can say.

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