WAG54GS Constantly Disconnecting

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Nick27UK, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Nick27UK

    Nick27UK Guest

    Hi all, please can someone help me as I am at the end of my tether!!! :wallbang:

    I have a Linksys WAG54GS connected to BT Broadband. 1 PC connected via Ethernet and another via Linksys Wireless USB. Router is running V1.00.06 firmware.

    It has been configured with a Keep Alive Redial Period of 45 secs. However, the router keeps losing connection to BT and needs to be rebooted some times twice a day, sometimes once every 2/3 days - I am sure you can appreciate it is getting very annoying.

    The connections between the router and both PCs is fine, it is from router to ISP where it drops.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or experienced the same as me? Please help - thanks in advance!
  2. aztec

    aztec Network Guru Member

  3. justintime

    justintime Network Guru Member

    same problem as mine: I think I will return it back or throw by the window :shock:
  4. bittern

    bittern Guest

    Me too...

    Since Swisscom here went to "Open Pipe" at 6400Kbps/640Kbs my WAG54G apparently blocks several times a day. It seems to start working again if I log in and check the status. Prior to this it was very stable. I am running firmware 1.02.7

    Anyone have any ideas on what to do? Or is the WAG54G running out of breath @ 6400/640. (The theoretical throughput is currently being limited by the carrier to 600/100kbps although the WAG synchronises at the 6400/640 speed).

  5. tolly57

    tolly57 Network Guru Member


    Sorry for being a damp squib, I have had the same problems as you fellows. I have tried firmware from 1.02.7 to 1.03 beta, the unit has continued to disconnect or cause connectivity problems. I finally lost patience when it crashed again the other day and ditched it for a BT Voyager. Best thing I could have done links working 100% and faster too.
  6. wilko81

    wilko81 Network Guru Member

    Same problem here with the WAG54GS.

    Linksys "support" are useless!

    Explained the problem in detail. Then I asked them if there was a firmware to fix this, or a beta firmware. They sent me an email about how to hard reset a WAG54G (i know how to do this as I have one of these too, not that it has anything to do with the WAG54GS!) I pointed out I didn't need to know how to reset a completely different router and that my problem is with a WAG54GS. They then said no, we don't have any notification of plans to release a new firmware for the WAG354GS.

    Do they even read the emails properly!?!?
  7. kitch9

    kitch9 Network Guru Member

    Post deleted
  8. Noctal

    Noctal Guest

    Out of curiosity..

    ISDN or Analog?

    I have an Annex B (ISDN) and am experiencing the disconnects.

    Was wondering if this is an ISDN issue only.

  9. sidecar

    sidecar LI Guru Member

    i have a WAG54G Annex A, and have the same problem.

    here it seems it only happends on port 80.
    all the other ports are fine.

    i have an even more iritating side effect, i can't even
    login as admin anymore in to the WAG54G.

    to me it happends, everytime a new pc starts up,
    one pc get access, and other one gets killed.

    my work arround for the time beeing:
    start all the computers, ---> reset the WAG54G ---> all works fine.

    firmware updates dont seem to help.
  10. Turb

    Turb Guest

    I have the same problem. I host web pages from inside my firwall and the I lose all connections into and out of my network every 10 minutes or so.

    It was all fine until I upgraded to 1.02.7. I wish I could go back now!

    This may be really obvious but how can you tell if you should be using Annex A or Annex B?


  11. sidecar

    sidecar LI Guru Member

    Annex A = Analog line.
    Annex B = ISDN line.
  12. fedro

    fedro Network Guru Member

    please note that WAG54GS is not the same thing as the WAG54G!!!

    I've got a WAG54GS (annex A) with Firmware V1.00.06 and (at the moment) I'm not experiencing any problems. (Keep Alive: Redial period is set to 180 secs)

    Did you set the correct values given by your ISP or did you choose "Autodetect" ??
  13. launton

    launton Guest


    I've just got one of these from Dixons, they are selling them for £69 with a 'free' usb wireless adapter. As I found (like evryone else) this thing overheats/drops connection to wireless etc etc ad infinitum. I've plugged my belkin back in, which for the last 8 months has been flawless. Ok... out of interest, I opened up the linksys to see what's going on heatsinkwise. Well, I suppose you could call them heatsinks... I beg to differ. There are two broadcom chips with the heatsinks. I know this because the heatsinks are applied with double sided sticky tape! I'm not joking, it's tape. If it's thermal tape, then forgive me but I cannot tell what this stiff actually looks like. The heatsinks will twist off easily (showing that the connection to the chips is pretty dire) I decided to add a little arctic silver, after sanding down the bases of the heatsinks and using a gluegun to seal the heatsinks back in place. They are drying now... I'll let you know how I get on.
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