WAG54GS Disconnects & Nokia N95 doesn't always see router... help..

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mdavenport, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. mdavenport

    mdavenport Guest


    I have a WAG54GS v1 (I believe) running the latest firmware V1.01.03, connecting me to my ISP and also using Wifi running in mixed mode on Channel 11 with WEP security.

    Here are two of my main problems I am experiencing:-

    1. Very often but intermitently my router loses connection to the internet, first the Internet light goes off but the DSL one stays on then after about 2 mins the Internet light will start flashing again and re-connect - is there a way to over come this? I have made sure I am staying on the latest firmware.

    2. I have just purchased a Nokia N95 and am using the Wifi for VOIP called when at home, however half the time the Nokia N95 can't even see my WAG54GS router even when next to it. Then click refresh on the phone and it sometimes appears but doesn't stay for long. I know the phone is ok because a neighbours wireless router is always visable and they are 40 feet away.. Any ideas?

    I have also heard that custom modded firmware is available for this router, is this the case? Would this be likely to resolve my issues and where can I get it from.

    All help much appreciated.

  2. Neo_Giles24285

    Neo_Giles24285 LI Guru Member

    sorry to say it but these routers aint the best anyway, the wirelss and adsl are always dropping as i found out with mine, or should i say my 4 :angry:

    i've now got a speedtouch router and its the most stable router i've ever had :)
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