WAG54GS fimware 1.00.12 and DSL sync issues

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by barryof, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. barryof

    barryof Guest


    I have a WAG54GS which was working ok with the firmware out of the box 1.00.08. Then I decided to flash it to 1.00.12 and now it won't sync with the DSL line at all, prior to this it was ok. So I'm thinking I need to revert to the old firmware.

    1. How come theres no WAG54GS firmware section on this site?
    2. Is there anywhere I can get WAG54GS 1.00.08?
    3. Will the box take an older firmware image while running on a newer? Or do I need to do something special to get the older firmware back on there?
    4. I hear talk of other 3rd party firmwares I can run (Tomato etc). Are any of these compatible with the WAG54GS?
    5. Anyone have DSL sync issues that were resolved by using a 3rd party firmware?
    6. Or indeed anyone know how to resolve these DSL sync issues??

  2. Barkaba

    Barkaba LI Guru Member

    Do you have answer to question 3? Couse I have big problem with router after upgrade to 1.00.12. Everythig was going good untill someone else on LAN is trying to open some web page. eg I'm downloading some big file and if someone do somethin to get router attention my transfer drops, and I have to pause it and resume to get the file, unless someone goes to another page :/
  3. Barkaba

    Barkaba LI Guru Member

    Problem solved. I couldn't believe that 2 PCs with the same motherboards had the same physical addresses on 2 onboard ethernet cards. I have 2 onboard network cards with the same addresses, and the same addresses have my friend. That's what coused the confict. We forced different address on one PC, and now everythink is working fine. I just can't figure it out why this happened. I'm thinking that before update everyting worked fine because of WINS was working. And now on status on router thers just ---- in there. I can't remember, was there something before upgrade.
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