wag54gs firmware V1.00.08A

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Rients, May 21, 2006.

  1. Rients

    Rients LI Guru Member

    I recently received this firmware from a Linksys helpdesk employee. I'm willing to place this firmware on my website but I'm not quite sure if Linksys would object to this. Any ideas? Of course I can also mail it to anyone who would like to have it (2.6 MB).
  2. what's new or fixed in firmware 1.0.8 ?

    I'm currently using v.1.0.6, original firmware from router which I bought a couple of weeks ago.

    monty :)
  3. Rients

    Rients LI Guru Member

    Actually, I have no idea. It didn't solve the problem I had.
  4. skid7j

    skid7j LI Guru Member

    There is a general problem with the WAG54GS with firmware upgrading.

    You must update the firmware one step at a time using the firmware update page on the router

    Before updating, hard reset your router (put a pin in the back for 10 sec)

    Follow the list below which has been proven to work, starting from whichever version you currently have. DO NOT miss out any versions or you may run into problems. Remember to hard reset first and reboot between versions to ensure it goes without a hitch.

    • Hard Reset the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.02
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.06
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.08
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.00.12
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.00
    • Reboot the router
    • Upgrade to 1.01.01

    To find the firmware files either email linksys or google them.
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