WAG54GS force G.DMT modulation

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by NarsEsp, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. NarsEsp

    NarsEsp Network Guru Member


    I am having trouble with my connection. After contacting my ISP and using another router i found that my line modulation must be set to G.DMT to have a stable connection.
    My question is if it's possible to force my WAG54GS to use only G.DMT modulation instead of the default autodetect feature.

  2. darkstorm80

    darkstorm80 Network Guru Member

    yes, but you must flash your router with le lastest beta firmware (i use version 1.00.09C annex A). i don't know if the lastes official firmware (1.00.06 for annexA) permits this.What version you have?
  3. NarsEsp

    NarsEsp Network Guru Member

    Right now i am using version V1.00.06 and i don't see any option for choosing between the several modulations.

    Can u tell me where to get that version u mentioned so i can take a look at it ?
  4. darkstorm80

    darkstorm80 Network Guru Member

    you can download annex-a version from here

    the archive contains version 1.008A e 1.009C. if the flash of the version 1.009C failed (file size incorrect) flash first version 1.008A and them version 1.009C
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