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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Alana, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Alana

    Alana Guest

    I have just bought a WAG54GS router/modem and find i could do with expanding the range. Has anyone any ideas on the best way to achieve this? Have looked at the WRE54G expander but there is no mention of it being compatable with WAG54GS router.

    Regards Alan
  2. kg4mrv

    kg4mrv Network Guru Member

    How far are you looking to extend your range? Is there a particular direction you want to go?

    A number of things could help.

    First, if possible, try a diferent location for the router, preferably the center of the area that you want to serve.

    Antennas, homebrew or bought are another option. A simple reflector built around the stock antenna may be enough to get you the range you need. This is quite easy to do, and if done right, will look ok(not that rigged look).

    As far as the rang expander goes, it essentially acts as a client and also an AP. So it connects to your router just as you would w/ a computer, and you then connect to it as if it was the ap. It should work w/ any router/ap.
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