WAG54GS usage and internet logs

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nimund8, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. nimund8

    nimund8 Guest

    I have a WAG54GS and i am looking for a logging function for bandwidth used, urls visited etc.

    What is the best way to go about doing this?

  2. matzy

    matzy Network Guru Member

    You need to use an SNMP logging utility, and there is one specifically for the linksys routers called LinkLogger. Although they dont list the WAG54GS on their site I believe the Protocol logging version (listed as supporting the WAG54G) will do the job, however.. be warned..

    I have not been successful in getting this feature of the router to work, and despite many support emails between myself and linksys I have still not been able to use the logging feature. The final email from them told me that the next firmware update may resolve the issue, however, I have no idea when this will become available. The latest firmware version you can download from Linksys is v1.00.06 which I already have and use, however under their GPL listing you can get the source for v1.00.08, unfortunatly I do not know how to compile the source into a working firmware so its just a case of waiting for linksys or a third party to come up with the goods..

    Hope this helped in some way..

    And if you do get it working.. please let me know how..
  3. artpc

    artpc LI Guru Member


    Helo. On my router WAG54GS SNMP work Fine, if you want how i do it pleas reply post. Sorry for my English.
  4. warsaw

    warsaw Guest

    I would like some advise about snmp... now i use mrtg only for traffic analysis but I would some more infos to get from router as snr, attenuation, etc without telnet in
    it is possible? do u know?

  5. saziz3812

    saziz3812 LI Guru Member

    i have WAG54GS router possible we upgrade
  6. libraly

    libraly LI Guru Member

    Well done

    I'm looking the same
  7. artpc

    artpc LI Guru Member

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