WAG54GS v1.00.08 firmware?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by matzy, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. matzy

    matzy Network Guru Member


    I have been having problems getting SNMP logging working on my WAG54GS router running v1.00.06 Annex A firmware. After many supports emails to Linksys I am told the next release may resolve the issue, however, the only firmware upgrade available is the version I am already running.. Having checked the GPL code available though I see v1.00.08 is there...!!! So does anyone have a compiled version available so that I can see if this solves the problem..

    many thanks..
  2. pio00

    pio00 Guest


    I have downloaded the GPL source file (WAG54GS_A_v1.00.08.tar.gz)
    and I have found, that the compiled image is also present there.
    Uncompress the archive and go to directory:

    src.GPL -> image

  3. fedro

    fedro Network Guru Member

    there are some FW for the WAG54GS at this french linksys forum
    undere "Réseaux locaux" (you need to register)

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