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    Hi all, I am having a few issues with my network at home that I am attempting to resolve using a couple of WAG54G's (v1.2) that I had in the loft gathering dust and need some help/support.

    My issue is as follows:
    Cable(VirginMedia 10mb) coming into the house downstairs connected via a cable modem and a router (netgear something supplied by VirginMedia) serving as DHCP server and NAT firewall, connected to this router is an xbox(used mostly for watching content stored upstairs on a server) and a PC, Also connected to this router is a PowerLine ethernet adapter (AV200 version) which links to the upstairs server via a second AV200 and a 24port netgear Prosafe switch.
    Upstairs is a range of machines for games and serving audio and video media.

    The above solution works ok for general networking however I am having issues with the following:
    When downloading from the internet upstairs (on any machines) and streaming media to the machines downstairs (xbox mostly) the bandwidth via the AV200 isnt upto the job and the streamed media jumps, so I need a solution....

    Now here comes the WAG54G's, my proposed solution is as follows:

    Cable modem - router (dhcp server, nat firewall, wireless AP OFF) - WAG54G downstairs - WAG54G upstairs - 24port Switch - AV200 upstairs - AV200 downstairs - small 4 port switch for Xbox and PC.
    (the router and the small 4port switch will NOT be directly connected together although they will probably be sitting on top of each other)

    The WAG54G's would be running WDS and bridge the internet connection from downstairs to upstairs and allow wireless clients to connect (I know about the reduced bandwidth when a client connects to a WDS but I almost never connect via wireless for anything other than quick browsing)
    Using the WAG54G's to bridge the internet connection would allow the AV200's to only be used for streaming meida and there would be no internet traffic going over this link when streaming although this would be technically possible (I wont be streaming media and surfing the internet from the PC and xbox as they are connected to the same TV!)

    The issue I am having and I havent been able to find a solution is:

    Does WDS actually work on a WAG54G ? (I have upgraded to WAG54G_AnnexA_ETSI_v1.02.7_03) but its currently not working or at least I cant get them to work.

    Does anyone have a later 1.03 beta4 AnnexA bios anywhere?

    I realise a WAG54G isnt the best hardware for this solution but as I have a couple spare it seems like a good choice, assuming WDS will work will the proposed solution work?

    If all else fails I have a DWL2000ap+ which I can use in client mode to connect to the Netgear router's Wireless AP and bridge the connection to the 24port and the internet, but this solution wont give me the wireless coverage which is a nice to have.

    Oh and before anyone says..."why dont you just run Cat5" I am in a rented house and so this is not an option...trust me as soon as I buy a property next year it will be flood wired complete with patch panel and I wont have these issues.

    Any help suggestions appreciated, sorry for such a long post especially my first one but hopefully somebody has some insight...or even the 1.03 beta bios :)

  2. mattb

    mattb Networkin' Nut Member

    So I tested the solution last night with the DWL-2000ap+ that I have and although it worked the latency across the wirless bridge was just dreadfull :( typically this was between 500-2000ms with frequent dropout, I'm thinking this is just down to a poor connection. There dosent appear to be any obvious way of detecting the connection speed of the wireless bridge link other than adding a client either end and doing a file transfer.

    The WAG54g's are both suffering from bad capacitors and so the 4 port switches only work at 10mb which is a pain, I think I can connect to the prosafe switch and change one of the ports down to 10mb so it will connect but the cable router dosent have this facility.

    I've placed an order for some replacment capacitors and will do the repair job and then see if things are better than the dlink.

    Still looking for that 1.03 beta 4 AnnexA bios if anyone has it :biggrin:
  3. mattb

    mattb Networkin' Nut Member

    Just to complete the post...

    I repaired the WAG54g's over the weekend replacing the 33uF caps with 35v versions (rather than 16v), both now have working switches and are fully operating.

    I installed and configured them for DWS and this seemed to work ok, the latency across the link was only about 50ms which I could live with, Once I had identified the wireless cards MAC address through the status page and added it to the DWS option they connected and worked.

    Due to the distance of the link it was unfortunately unstable so I have gone back to using the pair of Homeplug AV adapters for the link.

    At least thanks to this site I do have a couple of working devices again which I will probably put into service as my wireless AP's. :biggrin:
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