WAG54GS + WRv200

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by MREJ, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member


    First off, thanks for any help or suggestions!

    I have a WAG54GS, which is running happily, conneted to my ADSL line and all my computers connected to it.

    I bought a WRV200, so that i would have a VPN endpoint at home, so i could connect remotely etc.

    However i havent yet made it work, and I think its the very basic setup of the network where im failing.

    WAG54GS -

    WRV200 -

    Static IP Address:
    Lan IP Address: ,
    Both with a subnet mask of

    The device is set up as a router not a gateway.

    That all seems to work, I can connected to the internet etc.

    Then i turn on the VPN, the first thing it tell me is that i have to change the IP address,

    (WARNING: In order to ensure proper functionality, the router will need to change its Local IP address differs from 192.168.1.x to avoid conflicts with the remote network. You will need to reboot all PCs and network devices connected to the router. If you have set static IP addresses on any device or if you are using port forwarding, you will need to update its IP address to the new IP range to proper operation.
    Please input new Local IP Address below and press Save Settings to store your configuration. )

    The problem with this, is on the WAG54GS, I will need to set port fowarding (port 5000 i belive) to the WRv200 , however the WAG54GS will only let me forward to 192.168.1.X ,

    Im sure this is increadably obvious and i have got the very basic settings totally wrong. Please could someone advise!

    Thanks very much!
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    From the way you described it sounds like your setup is:

    Internet>Modem>Wag>Wrv>PC's is this correct? And what ports do you have plugged to where?
  3. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member


    Thanks for the Reply


    The WAG is connected to the WRV2000 by one of the ports on each switch (NOT the WAN)
  4. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member

    Oh and i've tried a laptop plugged in WRV200 , and i can browse the net etc. Also i can access the WRV200 interface from pc's pluges into the WAG
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    This is the main reason it does not work, the VPN endpoint functionality for any consumer based router is designed to work on the WAN port. By connecting it the way you have you have created a wireless switch. In order to maybe make this work you will need to go from the wag lan port to the wrv200 wan port and either set the wrv's ip as the dmz ip or bridge the wag and let the wrv handle everything (if this is even possible with the wag).
  6. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member


    So if i have

    Internet>WAG>WRV(CONNECTED USING WAN) , with the WRV in the DMZ , and then I connect my PC's to the WRV , i should be behind the hardware firewall, but the VPN Point should be exposed to the internet so i can connect?

    Is that correct?

  7. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member


    I've set the WAG54GS into Bridge Mode, plugged this into the WAN port on the WRV , the WRV picks up an exsternal IP address, but I cant connect to anything exsternal. I can however ping things like google.com .

    When im using the WAG on its own, its settings are as follows (RFC1483 Bridged, LLC, UBR, VPI 0 , VCI 101, MTU MANUAL 1500) ,

    When im using the WAG as a Bridge to the WRV, the WRV is set to Automatic DHCP , and it picks up the IP, but wont let me out.

    Any suggestions?

  8. MREJ

    MREJ Network Guru Member


    Im not sure why, but having the DHCP server turned on on both boxed, and it works. !

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