WAG54GS_Buy it??

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by neev, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. neev

    neev Guest


    I need an advice, please!!!!!!!! I have had thounsands of troubles with my old ruter (Belkin) and tomorrow I will get a new one :cheering:. I am thinking about Linksys, cause I have installed one voip apater (PAP2) in my parents house and it is working very good.

    The question is, do you recomend me this one?? this

    I mean, can you know the version or something which is important from there?? Sorry, I have been reading the forum but I cannot clear my mind, there is a lot of information!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you very much :rockon:
  2. icum

    icum Network Guru Member

    DONT BUY A WAG54 GS THERE CRAP,i know i have 2, ifyou still want one and liv in london i can sell you one for £60 thats how bad they are,brand new sealed......
    i am tyring to get them returned and swaped for 2 wag54g ver2...
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