WAG54GSEU Successor of WAG54G v2????

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by CyberGastarbeiter, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. CyberGastarbeiter

    CyberGastarbeiter Network Guru Member

    Does anyone has more info about this new piece?

    Although not yet on the stock it is in offer of one Geneva vendor.

    Picture is not accurate, disregard it.

  2. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    It's not new and not the successor of WAG54G 2 !

    Only a version with Seedbooster -> WAG54GS
  3. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    Does anybody know whether you can replace the antenna on this?
  4. Olafski

    Olafski Network Guru Member

    Well, to give you the answer myself, you cannot!
  5. gbeek

    gbeek Network Guru Member

    Firmware WAG54G2 on a WAG54GS

    Who have experience with a linksysinfo.org firmware for the wag54g2 on a WAG54GS?
  6. icum

    icum Network Guru Member

    Re: Firmware WAG54G2 on a WAG54GS

    me i have, and the wag54g-ver2 works100% where as the wag54gs well thats another story, the unit is rubish the worst router i have tested..
    i linked all the routers to a dreambox reciver and was conected to a network, but the wag54gs fails after about 2-3 days...
  7. wilko81

    wilko81 Network Guru Member

    I have WAG54GS too, its the worst router I've ever used, needs constant resetting, wireless signal is very low even when right next to the aerial, speeds drop off and eventially stop requiring a reboot.

    My WAG54gV2 and WRT54GSv4 work very well though.
  8. justintime

    justintime Network Guru Member

    I've got the WAG54GS-EU for a week, but my experience is negative: difficult to connect via wireless signal, settings which seemed to work well one day, next time don't.
    With ethernet connection everything is ok, only wifi is ko.
    I think I'll return it back.
    What a pity! The form factor was very aggressive!
    Can you suggest me a decent model?
    Thank you very much in advance.
  9. gbeek

    gbeek Network Guru Member

    Maybe helps a 3rd-party firmware. But I couldn't find a firmware for the WAG54GS-EU. Have anybody 100% experience with an un-official firmware. I want to use telnet to configure my router/modem, but I couldnt connect by Telnet.
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