WAG54GX2 and warcraft

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by florrie, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. florrie

    florrie Guest

    Just thought I'd put in a short note since it might help a few other people!

    I got myself an all singing and dancing WAG54GX2 with the matching wireless MIMO cards and then found that I could connect to everything but WoW! I could connect about 300m away if i wanted to browse Google but nothing worked for Warcraft which - considering this was the ONLY reason i bought this super dooper kit - was a little irksome.

    Anyways, to cut a long story short (and some really dull troubleshooting - changing MTU's, faffing around with port forwarding) I realised that it worked if i slung a cable to the Linksys but not wirelessly. So - the main difference between those connections was that one was getting encrypted as it gently floated thru the air and I'd chosen WPA2-Personal with AES. I took it all off and *tada* there was a connection to WoW (and much dancing in the living room of a shameless nature).

    The maximum encryption I could get to before problems occurred was WPA-Personal with plain old TKIP along with MAC address filtering. Any more and we were back to not connecting again. So - I hope this might help anyone else banging their head again the wall.
  2. J_a_y

    J_a_y Network Guru Member

    Thanks florrie,

    I couldn't get the port fowarding to work on this router either. I have now got it to work while directly connected! I will try turning the security down on the wireless and see if that helps. It's a shame that this router seems to come with somewhat buggy firmware.

    Now if only I can get the VPN to work...... :thumb:
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