WAG54GX2 connect to internet takes hours

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by iforland, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. iforland

    iforland Network Guru Member

    I've recently given up with my WAG54G and it's Wifi connection continually dropping out and against my better judgement I've bought another linksys router....the new WAG54GX2.

    My problem is that I've copied all of the settings from my old router over but the router can take over 2 hours to establish an internet connection. I'm using 1mb Virgin broadband.

    The green DSL light flashes repeated for about 5 seconds and the goes out for 5 seconds and the repeats the cycle. The internet light remains off during this. Eventually it will connect and everything is great (including the wifi).

    I can connect my old router back in and it connects within 5 seconds using the same filters, phone line and wiring. I've tried connecting direct to the master socket without any extensions.

    I've tried a full reset...you know hold reset for 30sec depower etc...

    I even called linksys technical...they tried to get me to update the firmware with an annex B version (that was the only version on their ftp site - they have now put the Annex A version on there), even after I'd said that I thought in the uk we use the annex A version. Anyway the router rejected the update, fortunately...

    I'm out of ideas
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