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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tomk1, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. tomk1

    tomk1 Guest

    Hello !

    I have bought a wag54gx2 and tought that all my connection problem were solved, but how wrong could i be :-(

    Actually i cant get any connection at all.

    i have been on the phone with my adsl provider for 2 hours but it just aint happening. Trying to set up over pppoe and have tried all possible options, but i cant even get the adsl lamp to
    light up :sad:

    The connection works fine on my thompson speedtouch.

    If anyone has any tips on this i would be very grateful.


  2. marca56

    marca56 Network Guru Member


    Before you make any more changes, make sure you reset the box to the default settings from the administration screen. Then, make sure that the box is set to the correct VCI/VPI pair (mine is 0/35; auto-detect is sometimes not accurate); then make sure you set the encapsulation type to LLC and not VCMUX.

    Once these settings are saved, things should work.

    I have noticed that if you mess around too much with the defaults, things don't seem to stable.

  3. jeroendg

    jeroendg Network Guru Member

    I also couldn't connect to my DSL service provider aldo all my settings were right. Spent almost one hour on the phone with the helpdesk. The helpdesk give up I went on. Finaly I got it working.

    I have a WAG54GX2-E1 Annex B (ISDN). The helpdesk told me to contact Linksys to tell them something was wrong with my WAG54GX2 they said "ATM was Down"

    I tried the WAG54GX2 direct on the phone line and not true the microfilter/splitter than it worked.

    When I read the user manual it said specific to conect the WAG54GX2 directly to the phone line (at least for ISDN). Use the microfilter/splitter only to connect your phone, after it.
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