WAG54GX2 QoS settings problem FW 1.00.06b

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by baudy2, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. baudy2

    baudy2 LI Guru Member

    Hi all !

    I've just recently purchased WAG54GX2 Annex-A with FW 1.00.03.
    THe device performance and functionality is absolutely great except of one strange thing - i would like to prioritize outbound Skype and VoIP(SIP) traffic. When i tried to setup QoS adding new application in

    Applications & Gaming - QoS tab.

    It does not add anything. Even worse - the router hangs. After reboot everything works perfectly. LinkSYS support tells me **** for about 4 weeks already about "resetting ti factory settings, reflash the firmware, etc..".

    I've just upgraded the firmare to the latest 1.00.06b.
    Did anybody experienced the same probs ?
    Would highly appreciate any help.

    Thanx in advance.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    So when you add any entry to the QoS page and click "Save Settings", the router just hangs totally?

    is this the same for v1.00.06b?
  3. baudy2

    baudy2 LI Guru Member

    Yes, the same behavior as with 1.00.03 (official firmware). The green diodes are blinkong, buth the box does not respond. After cold restet (power off) everything is fine.
  4. gidus

    gidus Guest

    really try reset to factory defaults, I had the same at firmware 1.00.01, after reset was fine.
  5. bertlego

    bertlego LI Guru Member

    i've been using this modem/router for some quite time now and so far nothing like this happens. i frequently change priority for some programs like Skype, Azureus, Limewire, etc..depending on the request of friends connected to my router and so far it works well. one thing i would like to know if anybody here knows how i can monitor the applications and bandwidth use of my users so i can limit/prioritize their usage. also this must be done without a server setup since all of us are connected directly to the port of the router. any reply will be very much appreciated.
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