Wag54gx2 / Srx200

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nbarker, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. nbarker

    nbarker Guest

    Having had my old WAG54G replaced by Linksys with one of these, I'm now trying to find a way of getting line stats out of this unit ? Any ideas ?

    Also, in a similar vein, the unit apparently also support SNMP so it should be able to broadcast various useful stuff - any ideas how to setup and view that ?

    I've been playing with Wall Watcher, but cannot get it to work with this at all - though it may be something simple I'm just doing wrong.

  2. bertlego

    bertlego LI Guru Member

    i've post the same questions months back but no response. the closest was a response made by techdevil2 in linksys.com forums. he suggested using email alerts in the reporting tab of administration options. but never came back to explain how this will work since i understand this will only be triggered when there is dos(denial of service) attacks. and besides you have to have your own smtp mail server.

    SNMP will work using a third party program like PRTG. But you have to activate the SNMP program on all the pc's connected to your gateway. Search for PRTG site. they have a good explanation on this.

    wallwatcher will not work since WAG54GX2 does not have the options to redirect log files to an external IP address.
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