WAG54GX2 wireless questions..

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by needmorstuff, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. needmorstuff

    needmorstuff LI Guru Member

    I have had this for about 6 months.. it was an rma replacement for an older linksys product.

    The wirless through put is terrible. I have updated firmware to V1.00.09 and this is no better. I am transferring files to my media box that is only 20 ft away and goes through 2 breezeblock walls. It took me 45 minutes to trabsfer 700mb yesterday and it doesnt get any faster no matter what I do.

    I changed most settings to try and increase speed but to no avail..

    Is 700 mb in 45 minutes normal? I surely hope not. If not has anyone got any ideas what I can do? maybe some 3rd party firmware to increase power? I

    I have looked through the firmwarres and am left unsure which is viab le for my product

    also how do i check what annex I have?>

    sorry for all the newb questions..
  2. devries25

    devries25 LI Guru Member

    700mb (or Mb??) in 45 min is terrible alright. I go 30 feet through 6 inch concrete and steel to underhouse garage at 600Kb/sec (in 802.11b mode) --> 700Mb in <20min.

    WAG54GX2 does not take 3rd Party f/w, and there is no way to change TX power setting.

    All I can suggest is to try file transfer to another wireless client (to see if the problem is with router rather than with client); or try another channel (perhaps you are suffering interference?); or try with wireless client really close to WAG54GX2; or try a differnt mode (say 802.11b only ... just to see if there is a difference)

    If none of the above help, perhaps it is time to do another RMA.
  3. needmorstuff

    needmorstuff LI Guru Member

    cheers for the info m8.. I tried various encryption on / off wap wep etc. different modes - updated fware to lastest - also it is slow transferring to 2 different clients in my house in different location. i am gonna go with wired i think and just get some of the plugin ethernet thingeys..
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