Wake on Lan Wan and GUI

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Phil06, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Phil06

    Phil06 Network Guru Member

    Hi men i would like to know how to configure wake on lan for wake on wan so how i must configure this (it's not explain in the help and in the wiki):

    http://phil.c6.free.fr/Screenshot - 19_07_2006 , 17_36_50.png

    Host adress: is it the ip adress of the pc in the lan i would like to get up?

    SecureOn Password: How to use this?

    MAC Addresses: is it Mac of pc i want to get up or the mac of the pc which will send the magic packet (for to be more secure)?

    Interval: What is the function of this?

    Thx to help me

    Have a good afternoon @+
  2. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    Did you chk out the Wiki
  3. Phil06

    Phil06 Network Guru Member

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