WAN Dies after less than 1 day

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by picopir8, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. picopir8

    picopir8 Network Guru Member

    On Saturday I upgraded my wrt54gs (v1) from sveasoft satori to the rebuild of dd-wrt v22. I did a long reset, and also reset factory defaults just to be sure. Then I installed the latest linksys firmware, then reset factory defaults, then installed dd-wrt, then reset factory defaults, then configured dd-wrt for my network.

    My main problem since trying this firmware is that I keep loosing my WAN connection. I can connect fine to the WRT54GS but nothing past that. Its plugged into a sunrocket box and I cant even see that. Since its plugged into the sunrocket box, its receiving a static IP so nothing crazy i going on with my cable modem. Rebooting the router generally fixes things but sometimes it wont grab an IP from the sunrocket box after a reboot. In such cases I have to physically power cycle the router. It seems like my WAN dies after about 12-24 hrs. I probably reset the router and/or power cycled it at least 6 times in the past 4 days.

    Is this a bug or is there some "feature" that is doing this and a little tweaking of the configuration will clear everything up?
  2. picopir8

    picopir8 Network Guru Member

    Considering the lack of replies, I assume my problem was a result of a bug. I continued having problems with the WAN dying and last night I got rid of dd-wrt and flashed the linksys firmware. Not a single problem since. Ill probably stick with the linksys firmware until the next stable version of ddwrt is released.
  3. JawS

    JawS Network Guru Member

    Sounds familiar with the problem I've experienced using v23.

    v23 makes my cable modem (com21 comport1000 with static IP) reboot very often (sometimes 50 times a day). First I thougt my cable modem was broken, but my ISP replaced it and the problem was still there. After flashing back to v22r2 the problem was gone. I think there is a bug or something in v23.
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