WAN networking with one IP address

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mandrakethepenguin, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. mandrakethepenguin

    mandrakethepenguin Network Guru Member


    I couldn't get a definite answer anywhere else, so I serched Linksys help on Google. My question is, if i can set up a wireless local area network to share an internet connection using 1 ip address over two computers? My computers are: Windows XP home , and Ubuntu Linux 5. Which Linksys wireless router should I buy if this is possible and should I purchase a PCI express card or a USB adapter for my computer? Any help would be apreciated.

  2. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    My assumption is that your ISP will only give you one routable IP address. If this is the case, then a router (wired or wireless) will do what you want it to. Essentially the router will take the IP that your ISP gives you and will then "serve" out private IPs (via DHCP) to each of your workstations.
    Technically speaking, the amount of PCs you hook up to your high-speed internet connection is virtually limitless given you have the correct networking equipment and configuration. Just don't go hog wild with hundreds of workstations on one cable connection and you'll be just fine.
    Concerning your second question... router type/brand will depend on what you want to do, etc. I'll let someone else give their 2 cents for that one.
    Hope that points you somewhat in the right direction.
  3. mandrakethepenguin

    mandrakethepenguin Network Guru Member


    With the wireless router I want to share an internet connection to host a web server on my ubuntu linux and share a printer between ubuntu and windows. The windows pc will be used frequently for online gaming.
  4. DBruceM2

    DBruceM2 Network Guru Member

    That's do-able. Just be sure to get set up w/ something like DynDNS or TZ:confused:rg to handle the DNS for your domain name.
  5. cliff_hopper

    cliff_hopper Network Guru Member

    the router you want is a wrt54g version 4 or less, the version is on the package cdfb is bad, cdfa 9 8 and so on is good. Forward port 80 to the ip address of the web server, and you should be good.
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