WAN port quit working

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Malachi, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Malachi

    Malachi Serious Server Member

    Ok, new to the forum. Hoping someone can help me out.

    I am using a Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router. I am running Tomato v1.28.

    My router has an intermittant problem with the WAN port not working. I had a problem a couple months ago where I had been using the router for several months no problem, then I disconnected it and took it to a conference where I needed it to give internet connection via WDS. When i first hooked it up it would not get a DHCP lease from the router I that I had it hard wired to. After trying different things I decided it was a Tomato issue and flashed back to the stock firmware. After doing so the WAN port started working. So, I flashed again to Tomato and it continued working, and worked the whole week at the conference.

    Then when I got it home and tried connecting to my home system again, the WAN port again would not get a DHCP lease. So, flashed to stock, started working, then back to Tomato and all was well.

    Now, I am trying to connect it to a different router, and WAN port will not get a DHCP lease. I have tried going back to stock, back to Tomato, doing a 30-30-30 reset (learned about that in a DD-WRT site) and no matter what I do I cannot get the WAN port to work.

    Does anyone have any idea what my problem is? Did my router finally bite the dust?

    I googled this problem and found that with DD-WRT there is a way to make one of the LAN ports act as the WAN port. Can this be done with Tomato?
  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor LI Guru Member

    Sounds like the router has failed, I doubt it is a Tomato problem. However, there may be a problem if the WAN is trying to get an address in the same range as it's LAN. i.e. your router uses 192.168.1.x for it's LAN, and the router it's trying to connect to is also using 192.168.1.x.

    If there's always another router being used, and you don't need to use a separate subnet, disable the WAN port & disable the DHCP server on your router. Then hook 1 of the LAN ports to the other router. This will make your router work as a wireless access point only, the other router will supply a DHCP addresses. Be sure to assign your router an address that won't cause a conflict with main unit. Your router is basically transparent in his setup, and doesn't need to be in the same subnet you're using. WDS works fine in this arrangement, I'm using that exact setup to provide connection to a 2nd house at a friends place. Main router is the Verizon FIOS supplied unit, a WRT5G-TM is hooked in as access point & WDS. a 2nd WRT54G-TM in the other house is set up same way, and provides both wired & wireless connections.

    As for using a LAN port for WAN, don't know how or if it's even possible. But I would trash a failing piece of hardware.
  3. Malachi

    Malachi Serious Server Member

    I think this is a true facepalm time.....:oops:

    I changed the LAN IP address of my router and it fixed the problem.

    Thanks Doctor. I shoulda figured that out a looonng time ago. Time to go back to newb status....
  4. PGalati

    PGalati Network Guru Member

    Not that this has to do with solving your problem, but I ran into a situation where a lightning strike fried the WAN port of a WRT54GL. With Tomato you can simply VLAN one of the LAN ports as the WAN port and configure as usual. If this router was running stock, it would be pretty much trash.
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