Wan slow now plse help

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by tim2246, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. tim2246

    tim2246 Serious Server Member

    Ok so I have a linksys E2500 with the newest Shibby version.
    I have xfinity extreme 105mbit connection that always produces nothing less then 99mbit down and 20 mbit up.
    Till i installed this.
    I installed it because the factory firmware wont allow me to use the IPV6.
    However with the newest version above, I now have ipv6 up and running no issues. Thank you all for that.
    Problem is im losing alot of wan bandwidth.
    Now wan is barely giving me 70mbit???
    Ive been searching through the setting and everything and cant figure out why?

    as a test i hooked up my pc direct to the cable modem and pow i get 107mbit steady.
    Plugged router back in and right away back down to 70mbit.
    Pushed the original linksys firmware back on and sure enough right back too 99mbit steady.
    Then put the version above back on this time with out enabling the ipv6 and again 83mbit.
    So is there a limitation in this firmware that is stopping me from getting the full use of my 105mbit connection?
    any suggestions please. I want to keep the firmware but at the price of 25 mbit reduction?
    No qos or any of that installed. all wireless turned off and only device active is my pc. on port 1.

    I got the same results after installing nv60 big ddrt and nv60.mega ddrt.
  2. panama

    panama Serious Server Member

    Where did you find cinfigure assistance for the tomato. I can t connect to internet wirelessly. I will check me speed if I ever get setup. Thanks, D
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