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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by skolits, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Greetings ALL.

    I currently have a small office wired network (all XP boxes, OFFICE as workgroup, 192,,0,1-4 ip's) with no internet access.

    I want to add a laptop to the wired netwotk (OFFICE as workgroup, 192,,0,5 ip), share a couple of folders, and access the OFFICE workgroup printers.

    I also wish to use the laptop's internal wireless card to access a WRT54G wireless network, and thus connect to the internet. (It receives a 192,,1,101 from the router). But I do not want the other members of the OFFICE workgroup to have internet access.

    After I have connected the wired lan cable, I can access the OFFICE PC's as needed. But, I cannot then connect to the internet. If I just unplug the wired lan cable the internet works. (But, of course, no workgroup.)

    How can I force Internet Explorer on the laptop to only utilize the wireless connection? I also use remote desktop to access another XP computer on a different network.

    Many thanx.
  2. ang123

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  3. HennieM

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    You don't need to use 2 different interfaces for what you want to do (although you can).

    If you have fixed IP addresses, you can skip this step:
    On your DHCP server, reserve the MAC address of your laptop's wireless (and/or NIC) and a fixed IP address.

    On your WRT, allow only the IP address (or addresses) assigned to your laptop to access the internet.
  4. stangri

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    Steve, if I understood you correctly, you want the LAN card to allow access to an office network and the WiFi card to allow the global internet access. If that's the case, I believe it can be achieved by setting the proper subnet mask to be distributed to the PCs on your OFFICE router. In simpler terms you will need to let your office router know that its clients should only try to go thru the router for a very limited range of IP addresses. Sorry I can't give you the exact mask you should use, but it's a start, I believe you can google the rest.

    PS. AFAIK, in XP you can't define network adaptors priority, the XP always uses the adaptor with the smallest response time from the uplink, that's why you need to set the proper subnet mask. Had you used a different OS, the router reconfiguration might not be required.
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