Want Router with PortFw and QOS

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lpc_83, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. lpc_83

    lpc_83 Guest

    Hi.I have SMC BR14UP with 32k cable connection and lan with 2 comps sharing the conneection.The the problem is that if i use strongdc the internet bandwith is compromised.The internet, especialy browsing is going very slow on my comp and on the other comp that is on the router.I tryed with netlimiter to limit the bandwith used by Strongdc but with no satisfying results.

    So what i need is a router which should split the internet bandwith into 2 so that the surfing should work fine on one computer while running strongdc on the other computer.I guess it's called QOS the service that i need.Or should i say an option to limit the speed for the Strong DC ports?The price of the router should be around 80 eur:confused:r ma

    Also i would like to know what firmw should i use cause i'we seen a lot of producers

    Thank you!
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