Want to donate $10 to Thibor. How?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by bigclaw, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    I want to donate $10. Does anybody know whether Thibor still accepts Paypal donations and where is the up-to-date link for it? His main site is down, and the mirror seems out of date.

    I've been using Thibor for a couple of years now and have just switched to Tomato because it apparently sees more active development nowadays. (Also, I finally purchased a dedicated NAS solution so that the storage link of the WRTSL54GS is no longer needed. Too bad Linksys decided to abandon the SL for Vista support.)

    Anyway, I'd like to show a token of appreciation for years of flawless performance out of the (free!) Thibor firmware. Not rich by any means, so please accept a measly $10 donation!

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
  2. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger LI Guru Member

    I'm pretty sure the PayPal link on the mirror site works as I was able to contact him recently at his PayPal address :) .

    BTW: I put X-WRT on my WRTSL54GS and can now download BitTorrents to my attached USB drive. I no longer have to run a computer 24/7 just for that :biggrin: .
  3. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    Thanks. Done.
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