Want to use WRT54G + BEFSX41 for its VPN endpoint.

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Sooung, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Sooung

    Sooung LI Guru Member

    What I have:
    1) a WRT54G v2 (Firmware Version: v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c)
    2) a BEFSX41 (stock Linksys Firmware Version 1.52.10)

    Basically I want to use my BEFSX41’s VPN endpoint but maintain all the sweet functionality I get with my WRT54G’s 3rd party firmware (Static DHCP, expanded QoS settings, and so on). I have tried multiple configurations with out success. There are too many variables that I don’t understand well enough.

    First: physical layout. What plugs in to what in what order. It has to be one of these layouts.

    Modem to the WAN port on the WRT54G, from a LAN port on the WRT54G to the WAN port on the BEFSX41, and then from a LAN port on the BEFSX41 to my Switch/LAN

    Modem to the WAN port on the BEFSX41, from a LAN port on the BEFSX41 to the WAN port on the WRT54G, and then from a LAN port on the WRT54G to my Switch/LAN.

    Or possibly Modem to the WAN port on the WRT54G, from a LAN port on the WRT54G to the WAN port on the BEFSX41, but also have my Switch connected to another LAN port on the WRT54G, and maybe (don’t know if this could work) loop another connection from BEFSX41 up to the switch or a LAN port on the WRT54G.

    This last scenario wouldn’t fully make sense to me unless the BEFSX41 could act solely as a VPN end point. And I could simply enable the appropriate VPN pass through options on the WRT54G.

    Rather than trying to detail what I have tried so far (because that would take a lot of typing), I was hoping someone could just tell me what needs to be done or point me to a guide of some sort. Basically I need to know what sequence the devices should be connected in and what options to have enabled. For instance; if I have the BEFSX41 directly connected to the modem and the WRT54G behind that, I would need to disable the DHCP server on the BEFSX41 and set the WRT54G as the DMZ. I don’t know if this is even on the right track… That’s why I’m writing this.

    Is there an alternate firmware for the BEFSX41 that could do the job better?

    Please help.

    Or is any of this even possible?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    the endpoint needs, afaik, the WAN to be used to the internet if your using VPN.

    what i would suggest to try this:

    BEFSR41 = (DHCP disabled)

    WRT54G = (DHCP enabled)


    use LAN Port to LAN Port from BEFSX41 to WRT54G

    you will need to furst connect the WRT54G to you PC, and change IP address for the router to

    once this is done, then connect all appliances again.

    make sure the WRT54G has VPN Passthough enabled, qos for the WRT54G will only work for LAN and wireless but it WILL work.

    I have a similar setup with my RV042 and a WRTSL54GS, however my main PC is plugged directly into the RV042. all other devices feed from the SL, and DHCP is via my RV unit.
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