Want to use WRT54GX v2 as an AP, but not how I've heard...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by agentphish, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I will apologize up front for the long backstory, but I feel it's necessary to clear up what I'm trying to accomplish. My next door neighbor and I are going in together on internet from CommieCast.

    We both are really unhappy with them so we figured we'd screw them out of 42.95 a month and share an internet connection via wireless, and unfortunately can not get dish where we're at because of regulations in our Townhome community in which we rent, and DSL is not available here either as we're too far from the CO.

    The account is under his name, and the net signal will go to his house/cable modem. He will host wireless. Unfortunately the location of his router will have to be his upstairs bedroom on the opposite side of his house from where I'm at. We also have firewalls between the townhouses made of concrete.

    I have a PowerMac G5 running Leopard that is able to pick up his wireless signal w/ not much problem, but only gets about 50% signal, speed doesn't seem to be bothered by this very much at all so far. However my 2 laptops are having signal issues.

    My question is that I have a WRT54GX v2, and want to know if I can share my internet connection through the router to two laptops in my home that are having big problems getting good signal from his router.

    So basically I want to pick up the signal via wireless on my G5 desktop, and then share that signal via my own router that is hooked to my G5 and broadcast good signal within my own house.

    Can this be done with this router? Thanks much in advance if anyone can provide suggestions!
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