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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stefacht, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. stefacht

    stefacht LI Guru Member


    I've bought the WRT54GL router because it had excellent reviews. Together with the firmware from thibor even the speedbooster should work (like on the WRT54GS).

    Now I want to know which PCI card is the best (working together with my WRT54GL router).

    At the moment I'm using a card from D-Link (DWL-G520) at the client. That card is very slowly when starting - it lasts long time until there is a connection. And afterwards the connection breaks often.

    I'm thinking about buying the WMP54GS because it has that speedbooster mode. But is it really the best solution for working together with my router?

    And what about firmwares for PCI cards? Are there good options like for the routers?

    Please help me with your knowledge to make a decision which PCI card to buy!
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Will you be transfering lots of files between computers over wireless?

    if so go for a GS version, however if not any 11g card would do, however i do have to aggree the DLINK card seem very slow in reacting to connections.
  3. stefacht

    stefacht LI Guru Member

    No, file transfer between clients is not required in that case.

    But as I wrote before, with the D-Link card the connection breaks sometimes (a few times a day). I don't want to accept that. My WLAN at home really never breaks.

    If it's not the mixture with the Linksys router and the D-Link card that is responsible for that, then it must be a problem with the firmware either of the router or of the PCI card.
    At the moment the router has a new thibor firmware, but the card still uses the one that came with it. Maybe there is a better one but up to now I couldn't find one.

    It would be great to hear from some people that use the same router like me that they use "PCI card XYZ" and that their connection never breaks with it (and which firmware they use)....
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