Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by kganotis, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. kganotis

    kganotis Network Guru Member

    I have a serious problem that i haven't been able to solve.
    I have 4 wap54g 's v2. I use them to connect 4 diferent groups of computers. Each group is connected to a wired ethenet switch and the waps are used to provide access to another group wirelesly. I have one device configured as AP and the others are WIRELESS REPEATERS The configuration would be beter if i used AP CLIENT instead for the remaining 3 but i can only make one to work as AP CLIENT. (i don't know if this is normal or not any thoughts?) Anyway i used WIRELESS REPEATERS and they all work fine. they are fast stable everything ok. The problem is that they only work together with security disabled or set to wep. When i try WPA or wpa2 they don't see each other. I talk to linksys livechat and they told me to upgrade to v3.03 firmware i did but the problem still remains. I don't want to use any wireless adapters only the waps they just do the job fine. Correct me if i m wrong but i i switch to wpa use the same key and they just lose connection,,,,, HELPPPP!!!!!
  2. focalpoint

    focalpoint Network Guru Member

    Security w/wap54

    A suggestion is try useing wireless bridge mode. There is a dedicated mac address connection insert where only the mac addresses inserted talk to each other. Only good for 4 wap's..
    Just a suggestion.
  3. kganotis

    kganotis Network Guru Member

    already done

    i have already done so but he same problem remains....... Does anybody know how many APclients can a single AP handle because in my case only one can be connected at the same time
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    AP Client mode does not allow other wireless clients to connect to it. It can only connect to the access point the you enter the MAC address of. Each of the AP clients should be able to connect to the Access Point, but will not be able to communicate to each other. Wireless bridge mode allows you to connect two or more LANs together. You can bridge multiple LANs together.
  5. cabocloset

    cabocloset Network Guru Member


    I have the first WAP54G in AP mode wired to a modem. Then, I have 5 WAP54G in AP client mode in 5 remote locations all have the MAC of the first WAP. These clients all work great, three are connected to routers, a Dlink, Netgear and US Robotics, and a total of 11 computers are on line. I have had no probems with this configuration. All are version 2.07. I tried channel 6, which is default, did not work great, but changed everything to channel 2, works better. I have a second smaller network on another ethernet port of the same modem, works on channel 1, no problems. Only problem I have is making one of my WRT54G recognize the WAP's. Sure would like to get them working.
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