WAP 54G V3 100mW firmware

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tomekp_123, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    Hi all !
    I have firmware for WAP54G with 100mW output power (based on GNU source from linksys, with little change :) ).At this time there is no reason to change tx power from web interface (but i think about it). If anybody is interested mail me.
    This firmware have been tested only with WAP54G version 3 - using with any other boxes at your own risk.
  2. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    I have new build with change power from web interface - based on 3.04 linksys firmware. If someone have a place on ftp i can send to him this firmware to share for everybody.
  3. xVZx

    xVZx Network Guru Member

    Thanks for providing me this firmware.
    I don't yet test it at this time...

    Just a question :
    Is it possible (just in case) to return to the official one after putting your's firmware ?

    If you can add the possibility to directly trought the web interface to choose the power, it will be great :rockon:

    An other question :
    Is it difficult to put also the antenna choice for transmitting power and receiving :
    Fot exemple you transmit via the left and receive via the right one....

    Good job.. anyway...

  4. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    - change power from web interface is now implemented
    - you can back to official firmware - because my firmware is based on sources 3.04 linksys firmware with little change
    - i can add antenna selection for transmit and receive - but now i don't have a time for this.
    - i'm still waiting for a person who puts this firmware on any ftp without transfer limits, sending this firmware to any asking person in longer time cut be hard to me.
  5. _ET_

    _ET_ Network Guru Member

    Hi. I'm interested in putting your firmware on my WAP54G v2. I already have firmware 3.04 on it and it works very good. Should your firmware work also on my AP since it's based on fw v3.04 ?
    And one more thing. If there will be antenna selection for transmit and receive I'm ready to put this fw file on my web server where everybody can download it.
  6. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    If 3.04 works on yours box ok. - i think you can without problems upgrade to my firmware - but i don't have this ap hardware rev for test - therefore you can do this by your own risk.
    About antenna selection i can do this - but i don't know when (i don't have a much time in next 2-3 weeks).
    Thanks for your request about webserver.
  7. xVZx

    xVZx Network Guru Member


    I finally put your firmware yesterday night...

    It works well and the functionnality for changing power transmittion is great.
    Just a question you indicate that we can put a power between 1 to 100mw ... Can you put any value between this range like forexmple : 98mw or 62mw... or there is some regular value like 1-5-10-15mw...

    => just a point, After putting your firmware the diod "diag" on my AP is in a RED fix state... Are you aware about this ?
  8. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

  9. _ET_

    _ET_ Network Guru Member

    Can anybody please tell me what's their highest mW they're working on right now. 22 mW is not good enough. Using about 40 mW would be ideal for me.
  10. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    You can set whatever you want between 1 AND 100.
    100 is my limitation, i was tested it on max power 22 dbm, but i cannot try if on this power this equipment can stable work. I'm worying about power supply and more heat to.

    For all:
    I was received more requests that firmware works with wap54g v2 too

    Thanks to ET you can download this firmware now using address:

  11. xVZx

    xVZx Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your answer.
    Any idea about the RED diod fix on the diag indicator ?
  12. cabale

    cabale Guest

    have an european version of the wap54G ?

    I have the same problem when I update with a nonEuropean version of the linksys firmware.
  13. tomekp_123

    tomekp_123 Network Guru Member

    In my wap i don't have a diag diode. I think that i can do some changes with firmware (like tx and rx antenna switching), but is not my WAP - i must return them (maybe for a month,or 2-3 weeks), and then the play goes to the end. I canot verify with your box, because i dont have same wap, settings from nvram, and finally a time. Maybe someday i return to develop, but at this time i don't have capabilities to work.

    For all people who asks about new rev:
    I'm planning add to this firmware only antenna selection - i don't now when maybe in 2-3 weeks.

    Best regards for all
  14. xVZx

    xVZx Network Guru Member

    cabale : you'r right. I've got an european version...

    But this is the first time in my multiple upgrade that this diod switch to this RED state. And I put US firmware from linksys.com

    It's not really important but it's better to view nothing or a green diod :)

    Tomekp_123 : You make good job... I will wait your futur release with impatience...

  15. brainwave036

    brainwave036 Guest

    How can i see if i have an European version or an US version ?.
  16. Burke

    Burke Network Guru Member

    So, whats the status?
    Is this good "hyper" like firmware for the WAP54G v3?

    Any complaints?
  17. phadobas

    phadobas LI Guru Member

    What's the point of increasing power output?

    I posted this question earlier but got no reply...

    I can understand that if you increase the power output, computers can see your AP from a greater distance.

    But can they send strong enough signal to reach you from that greater distance?
  18. Subah

    Subah Network Guru Member

    What is the orignel mW for the access point ?
  19. collen

    collen LI Guru Member

    is there also a patch to disable the "SES" button ???

    btw, it works ok, on my wap54g v3 euro version!
  20. SideshowBob

    SideshowBob Network Guru Member

    Hi tomekp_123,

    Can you modify the latest firmware for the WAP54G v3 version: v3.05.03

    Opensource can be downloaded here:

    This is probabli the last firmware that wil be available for the WAP54G from Linksys.

    If you could modify this with more TX power I think many people would be happy, I now I would :)

    Let me now what you think about it.

    Best regards,
  21. JCCorp

    JCCorp LI Guru Member

    I also would like a copy of the opensource version of 3.05 if it is made as slideshowbob has said please.

  22. lemaj

    lemaj Guest

    firmware WAP54G v3.05


    I have 2 WAP54G v3.05 EU that Communicate together. I am interest to upgrade firmware for good performance.

    but i have many question.

    this firmware (wap54gv3_power_change.trx) is ok to upgrade VIA LINKSYS PAGE ( ?

    Where are the new parameter TX POWER ?

    this firmware (wap54gv3_power_change.trx) need to set the parameter "Downgrade Header" on disable ?

    How says than WAP54g is EU VERSION or US VERSION

    there no problem if I have a EU version of WAP54G ?

    other question, I have a problem with my 2 WAP54G, I HAVE THE SAME MAC ADRESS ? it is normally ?

  23. reza8313003

    reza8313003 Reformed Router Member

    hi to all
    i have WAP54G withe SST 39VF1601 flash
    Just after turning red and orange LED is lit
    and do not work
    Can someone help me?
    i need flash file to progeram the sst39vf1601 with progerammer
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