WAP11 can work in repeater mode with WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by nisiu, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. nisiu

    nisiu Network Guru Member

    I have two LINKSYS product - WAR54G with plugged internet connection and WAP11 which i want to use like repeater to have better signal in whole house. Can it works together?I know that only in B mode but i set it and it didnt work?Mayby someone has answer for my question?Thx for help
  2. dabodude

    dabodude Network Guru Member

    I tried that, and didnt work... You will have to buy a WAP54
  3. nisiu

    nisiu Network Guru Member


    Finally i made this configuration working so it works ...
    If someone have this problem ask me - i will try to help...
  4. imageroc

    imageroc Network Guru Member

    I PM you alreadly nisiu, I figured bumping this post wouldnt' hurt
    if anybody else has any information on this sititation please help
  5. pazzy

    pazzy Network Guru Member

    hi, i have wap11 and wrt54g and i need to set wap11 as repeater to wrt54g, but it doesnt work (client works)
    both APs have last fw
    can you help me?

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