Wap11 to Wrt54g Possible?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by pacrep, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. pacrep

    pacrep Network Guru Member

    Wap11 - AP --> Wrt54g - Client?

    Using dd-wrt firmware on the Wrt54g.

    if possible can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. pacrep

    pacrep Network Guru Member

    alright i am a newb! it seems that the only way to get some help around here is to degrade yourself.

    both are using default settings, I was able to turn the wrt54g into a wireless card, but thats about it.

    i just want to repeat the wap11 signal.

  3. cglenn

    cglenn Network Guru Member

    WAP11 as a repeater?

    My question is similar. I just installed a WRT54GS router. Now I would like to use my WAP11 as a wireless repeater to the 'GS. The WAP11 manual says it can act as a repeater, only with other WAP11's. Will any of the 3rd part firmware for the 'GS allow me to use the WAP11 as a remote WiFi repeater?

    >>>> Clay >>>>
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