WAP11 will not work with two laptops connected to it

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by farmdwg, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. farmdwg

    farmdwg Network Guru Member

    My in-laws have a WAP11 v2.6 (1.07 fw) that is very problematic when you connect two laptops to it. My sister-in-law has a Dell Inspiron 5150 (802.11g with DHCP) that works fine until I connect my Dell Inspiron 6000 (802.11g with DHCP). Internet connectivity works just fine for the most part, but there are times where the first laptop cannot get out to the internet any longer. You can ping the WAP11 and the BEFSR41 router with no problems, you just get DNS errors with IE when you try to go out. If I disconnect the Dell 6000, eventually the first laptop can get back out to the internet. I have tied setting static IP addresses with the same behavior. WEP is disabled.

    On another note, just trying to get into the management page or change settings on the WAP11 will timeout most of the time.

    Is the WAP11 just crap or is there something that I can change?

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