WAP2000; Multiple SSIDs and VLANS

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cautery, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. cautery

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    Any WAP2000 and VLAN experts out there.

    NEED: Need to have 2 different SSIDs on my WAP2000 on separate VLANS and both SSIDs with access to Internet (one private to the network and one for public access to Net). I've tried to set it up the best way I know how, and I can get the Private SSID fine. The Public SSID can be placed a separate VLAN, but it then no longer has access to the NET.

    I'm trying to avoid having to buy another WAP2000 for the public access....

    Current Setup: Linksys RV016 switch/router with Internet on WAN1, connected to main network switch via Port 1 and WAP2000 is connected to Port 2. WAP2000 has SSID1 on VLAN1 and Public SSID on VLAN2. I don't need VLAN at all except to segregate public access to the Net...

    It SEEMS that what I want to do is possible, but I can't make it work...
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    VLANs are like seperate wires. Your "public VLAN" would have to be carried from your WAP, through your "main network switch", into the RV; i.e. a VLAN needs to be carried through all switch gear to your VLAN concentrator. In this case, it seems you want the RV to be the concentrator.

    This means that:
    Say your VLAN is VLAN10 on the WAP. You need to define a VLAN10 on the "main switch", and you need to define a VLAN10 in the RV. Then, on the RV, you need to route VLAN10 to the WAN/internet.
  3. cautery

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    Still Looking...

    Thanks for the reply. What you said makes perfect sense, and I've tried it, but no luck. Perhaps it is my lack of depth of knowledge on this subject. Here is what I did.

    The WAP2000 is plugged into Port 20 on the Dell PowerConnect 2748. The RV016 is connected to Port 42. I created VLAN2 and added both Ports 20 and 42 to it (untagged (the default), whatever that means).

    On the RV016, Port 1 is connected to Port 42 on the Dell PoweConnect 2748, so I changed Port 1 to VLAN2 and saved the settings (the assumption here is that ALL ports belong to VLAN1). No where on the Router can I find any options for routing where VLAN is a consideration, option, specification. There is the standard "Advanced routing" which includes Static routing for IP, but its use requires disabling DHCP, which is of course part of the problem... no DHCP on SSID2/VALN2.

    On the WAP 2000, SSID1(private) is set for VLAN1, SSID2(public) is set for VLAN2. No matter what I do, it does not appear that the WAP can communicate via more than one SSID.... The WAP2000 VLAN & CoS page is set as:

    Here is some additional troubleshooting info. I set a static IP on the laptop which I'm using to test wireless connection:
    Default VLAN is "1" and "untagged", Management VLAN is "1". IF I change the Default VLAN to "2" then I can connect via VLAN2 wirelessly, but then VLAN1 will not communicate wirelessly.... AND the WHOLE Network is STILL visible to a client connected via VLAN2... although it appears that the REST of the LAN is on VLAN1. If I switch the setting back to VLAN1 as default VLAN, then it returns to the original situation: SSID1 connects fine, SSID will not find an IP address via DHCP.... and this appears to be because when connected to the WAP2000 via SSID2, you can't ping ANYTHING but the loopback or the wireless clients own IP. I can't even ping the WAP2000's static IP....

    Anyone see what I am missing. It appears to me at this point that traffic into the WAP2000 via Wireless connection on VLAN2 is NOT making it out of the WAP2000... not sure the WAP2000 even hears the ping from the wireless client.

    Help! This is VERY frustrating...

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