wap54 and long distance link

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by fredde_900, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. fredde_900

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    ive set up my ap on one point and set up external antenna on the roof pointed to the other one (21dbi) on the other side ive setup a 18dbi antenna pointed to the other one. when i tried before i got my wap54 i used 2 pci wlan card and run P2P when i did that i got 34mbit.
    now when i use the ap i got 54mbit but when i starting to file trancefere localy i the speed goes down and the signal to.. down to 5mbit. ive set it to only use one antenna (right/right) where the ant cable are connected to..
    some one got ne idea why the speed goes down when doing that?
    browsing sites works gr8t and the speed dont go down only when sending/recieving files..

    / Fredde
  2. fredde_900

    fredde_900 Network Guru Member

    nobody seems to reply then i´m replying my own msg :)
    i´ve done some tests now and i donno if it is the wap54 or my pci nic´s this one :
    belkin F5D7000
    54mbit cards...

    this is what i have test :

    mixed mode:
    only one nic able to connect once..

    only G-mode :
    both able to connect but the speed and signal drops on sending or reciving files

    only B-mode :
    seems to works best stable speed and signal but want faster.. hehe

    no diffrent if i use both antenna and run localy and have the computer 2m from the AP well the speed dont drops but signal drops 10dbm when download/upload files..

    hope someone know how to get it working..

    / Fredde
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