WAP54 - bridge mode - does it work? plus outdoor antenna

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by jlkilpat, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. jlkilpat

    jlkilpat Network Guru Member

    Ok, I'm setting up a network between buildings and instead of the $800 outdoor bridges from Cisco and others, I've chosen the WAP54GV2 using external antennas. Now, I've read through the release notes and it states bridging is not functional, but their literature shows how to set it up. Does bridging not work? If so, does setting up one as an AP and one as an AP client allow interconnection of remote networks? Anyone used either mode and can speak for the reliability?
    I had also looked at the WET54GS5 (five port switch) and asked Linksys tech support what the limit was on MAC addresses supported, they told me 1), this box does not do security and when I explained to them what a MAC address table was, they told me 5000 addresses, which seems odd since most devices that support bridging have a MAC table size on 1K boundries (1024, 4096, 8192, etc), I didn't have a warm fuzzy about this answer. Also, the WET54 info states you can use the 1 port G bridge with it, where is the 1 port G bridge?
    Another question I asked Linksys tech support was availability of an outdoor antenna, they gave me a part number of a new hi gain antenna you attach to the back of the box. I found products from Hawking that look promising, any others that work well? My distance between buildings is less than 100 yards with a drop in elevation of about 30 feet.
  2. Cuaz

    Cuaz Guest

    Hi there, in fact I'm using a pair of WAP54G with 19 db external antennas with a distance of 3 miles between the buildings, and I can just tell you one thing, amazing way that this little and inexpensive piece of hardware works.

    I just upgraded the firmware to freya 2.06, just to play a little, and it just got better.

  3. frogger3d

    frogger3d Network Guru Member

    So do you suggest buying a wap54g or a wet54g for bridging functionality?
  4. frogger3d

    frogger3d Network Guru Member

    About the antenna: I'm planning on building a biquad antenna myself. It is extremely cheap, simple and effective, or so I heard. :)
  5. Mac_User

    Mac_User Network Guru Member

    Successfull use of WAP54G+WET54G+2external Bi-Quad's

    Hello jlkilpat,

    I have a WAP54G+WET54G+2external Bi-Quad's for a short distance connection (12 meter between buildings, antenna's placed outside).
    The firmware of the WAP is replaced by HyperWap 2.07, power setting 61 mw and the WET contains the newest firmware 2.06. The signalstrenght as measured by the WET is 100% !!! I have a very good, fast and stable connection. It is also fast enough for data tranfer of large files between computers.

    Little downside of my setup is that my WET54G version 1.1 don't support WPA, only WEP128. But WET54G version 2 support WPA as I understand. The WAP54G version 1 and 2 both support WPA with the newest 2.07 firmware.

    Success, Wim.
  6. jlkilpat

    jlkilpat Network Guru Member


    The Bridge mode does work! Pair the WAP54G with a Hawking 9DB outdoor and works like a champ. Thanks to all!
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