WAP54G 2.0 with DD-WRT 2.3SP2 Steps

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ivo_1985, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. ivo_1985

    ivo_1985 LI Guru Member

    Hello, I have 2 WAP54G ver.2 and I flashed with DD-WRT 2.3SP2 - works perfect. Forget about HyperWAP and other FW, DD-WRT works with no serious problems with WAP54 2.0 as AP. I have only one problem - WDS watchdog restart devices when watching WDS IP. So, probably you can't use WDS Watchdog. Reset button isn't working, or I don't know how to enable it.
    Revert to Linksys FW from DD-WRT with tftp utility or WEB GUI isn't a problem.

    1. Use Linksys FW 3.04.
    2. Reset the device.
    3. Download dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic.bin from www.dd-wrt.com - 7/20/2006 works OK.
    4. Flash the device with dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic.bin

    That's it. The IP adress will be .245 or .1. Password - root/admin. If you have problem with password and can't reset the device, use the tftp utility to flash directly with Linksys 3.04 after first ping to the device(.1 or .245) and then flash with Linksys WEB GUI to early DD-WRT version without password encryption.

    To revert to Linksys FW - in DD-WRT WEB GUI flash with 3.04.trx(rename it to the bin) file or use TFTP utility in this thread. If you have questions or problems - let me know. DD-WRT work on ver 3 too, but I didn't test it. Works on ver 1.0 - 1.1 but with many problems and brick. So better don't try, or if you have success - let me know, I didn't.

    Use only WIRED connection to flash - not with wireless card.

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  2. Magic13

    Magic13 Guest

    Where is dd-wrt.v23_micro_generic.bin (7/20/2006) ?
  3. mw1001

    mw1001 Network Guru Member

    Like ivo_1985 says:

  4. arr2036

    arr2036 Network Guru Member

    Now all The LEDs are stuck on and I can't ping :| I can't tftp to , any other ways to fix my now bricked router?
  5. Deimdos

    Deimdos Network Guru Member

    Default IP changes to ;-)

    What utility has this firmware in the WAP54G?
  6. arr2036

    arr2036 Network Guru Member

    Thanks Demidos
    Default IP changed to , same as my router :/ dd-wrt firmware seems to work ok, but until a proper version is released for the WAP54g i'm gonna be sticking with hyperwap.

    TRASTARO LI Guru Member

  8. aetos

    aetos LI Guru Member

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